Friday, January 17, 2014

The Online Magazine You Must Check Out - DIY Decorating Addict

The newest edition to your monthly magazines, DIY Decorating Addict.
Recently, I was lucky enough to be introduced to an amazing DIY resource from the blogging world, DIY Decorating Addict magazine. If you are not familiar with it, DIY Decorating Addict is an online magazine, available exclusively on the Apple Newsstand.

DIY Decorating Addict

Created and Published by Dianne Corriere, a decorating addict herself, DIY Decorating Addict compiles some the best projects from the home and design blogging world and features them in a beautifully illustrated online magazine.

What I just love is that each month, Dianne choses projects and organizes them with a purpose and a theme. In December, when I was looking for gift-wrapping inspiration, DIY Decorating Addict had an entire feature on bows. I didn’t have to scour blogs and Pinterest, Dianne had done the work for me! In addition, every tutorial linked back to the original blog, allowing me the chance to discover more about the blogger and related projects.

What else do I want to share about DIY Decorating Addict? Well, in the January issue, available now, Dianne has featured my blog post on How toSave a Paint Brush. As a new blogger, it is so exciting to be chosen to contribute to DIY Decorating Addict magazine!

Cleaning paint brushes

Some of my favorite features in the January issue are:

DIY Dining Room Chair Makeover
Anthropologie Inspired Pendant Light
Land of Nod Pouf
Of course, just to name a few:)

If you are reading this, I know you must love home and design blogs just like me. 
So, cozy up with your Ipad and download the January issue! 
I also highly recommend a subscription. 
This month there is a special subscription running through the end of January…6 months for $5.94, that’s only 99 cents per issue!

 And just to make sure you can’t resist checking it out, DIY Decorating Addict is offering readers
a free copy this month with this code:

Below I have included a link that will take you to the magazine App
 in the Apple ITunes store,

as well as,
 instructions on how to download the App and your issue.

These instructions assume that you have IOS 7.0.2 or later on your IPad.
If not, you may have to update your Ipad. In this case, tap the Settings
Icon on the bottom of your main Ipad screen, tap the General button, and
then tap the Software Update button. If you are up-to-date you will get a
message saying so, otherwise, it will ask you to update.

On your main Ipad screen, tap the Newsstand app, and then tap the Store
button on the bottom right. Tap the search box on the upper right and
enter "diy decorating addict" without the quotes. The magazine "DIY
Decorating Addict" should appear. Tap it and you will be asked to
download the App. FYI, the App itself, that contains the issues, is free,
but the magazine issues are for sale and for subscription within the App.
I have provided a code for you to use for a free issue.

After you have downloaded the App, you will see the issues in the Aapp.
Tap the subscribe button, tap the current subscribers button, and then
enter "diy1month" without the quotes, in the Account field. The latest

magazine issue will start downloading. When downloaded, tap the view
button and the magazine can be viewed. Swipe horizontally from right to
left on the screen to get to the page that shows "How to use this app?". This will explain how to navigate through the entire magazine.

Now, just enjoy!

Find beauty in your day! Debbie


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